M A R C I A   R A M O S - P E R E L L Ó

phenomenology of the invisible

Marcia Ramos-Perelló's lyrical abstractions establish another perceptive possibility in art: intended to be a medium for the invisible energy of the universe. With radical rupture with reality and the complete abandon of representation she creates a world of introspection and inner realities. Her body of work composed of a personal language and her pictorial approach made up of aerial visualities, transparent stains and diluted colors provide a breeding ground for dream worlds and interior landscapes.

Ramos-Perelló delineates in her paintings human epicenters; her work orients a phenomenology of the spirit and sets for a metaphysical quest.

Dr. Milagros Bello                                                                          

Member of the International Arts Critic Association                 AICA-Paris