Miami based artist of Chilean origins. Marcia redefines the world with a sophisticated abstract vocabulary and balanced composition proportions, all the while preserving the emotional gestures and her singular mystical palette. Her body of work demonstrate strong technical skills and she masters the creation of ethereal space for the viewer to immerse into.

She holds a degree in Interior Design but her passion as a visual artist has taken her through formal studies at MDC, Miami Art Institute, private master classes with friend artist Jaime Ferrer, and recently a private summer residence in the South of France.

She works as a resident artist from her studio at the Bakehouse Art Center  in the Wynwood area in Miami, from where she actively participates in the art community and on special projects with artist colleague Christian Bernard.

Artist Statement

"Moved by an impressive sense of belonging to my loved ones I have chosen to reflect on the fragility of life, its energy and the relationship between one being to another through this invisible universe.

The creation of this ethereal world comes from reflections based on my own emotions of a precise moment in time. With my own personal language, the use of different mediums and a carefully chosen palette I intend to echo my state of mind and emotions and pass it on to the spectator.

The constant quest of exploring the link between the physical and the spiritual has been a journey of introspection that has given way to emotion over rationality."